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Hey guys, I made an icons page, feel free to request some if you want characters that aren’t there etc

Also, I’m currently taking gif requests as well so send them in!

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Anonymous: Hello, are you still taking requests? ~

We’re always taking request :)

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I do so admire your persistence. Ready to die? [x]

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star wars: the clone wars meme | (8/10) characters The Son

"I have done what is right. Or what is wrong. Depending on your point of view.
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star wars: the clone wars
S01E01 - “Ambush” 

A galaxy divided by war! Peaceful worlds must choose sides or face the threat of invasion. Republic and Separatist armies vie for the allegiance of neutral planets.
Desperate to build a Republic supply base on the system of Toydaria, Jedi Master Yoda travels to secret negotiations on a remote neutral moon….

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I do so admire your persistence. Ready to die? [x]

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star wars rebels trailer: [ x ]

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